Ed Krysl inducted into the Fertilizer Hall of Fame

At the Southwestern Fertilizer Conference in July, retired member of the TKI Crop Vitality team Ed Krsyl was inducted into the Fertilizer Hall of Fame in San Antonio, Texas.

Krysl played an important role in promoting the value of sulfur in crop nutrition and served as a pioneer in promoting liquid fertilizers. He was also instrumental in building the Thio-Sul® market, East of the Rockies for TKI Crop Vitality. In addition, Krysl advocated on behalf of the fertilizer industry by volunteering time with the following organizations:

“I want to thank the Southwest Conference for honoring me with this treasured award,” said Krysl. “It is great to be part of an industry that has made such a contribution to America and to the world.”

For more information, please visit the Hall of Fame page.